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Aloo Cheela

Aloo Cheela Recipe

Introduction Aloo cheela is a tasty dish. It’s like the Indian version of potato pancakes. I like this recipe as it requires just two ingredients. In this period of lockdown, we all are struggling to prepare something different with limited resources. So, this is the best option to go forward with. In this blog, we will understand how […]

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Masala Papad Cone

Introduction Masala Papad Cone – Masala Papad is an appetizer that is a great companion when having lunch or dinner, especially at the restaurant.  Also, it’s the best snack to have during tea time and everyone simply loves this appetizer including young and old. Masala Papad cone is just a simple twist to traditional Masala […]


How to Make Authentic Mango Lassi This Summer

Introduction Mango Lassi is a famous cooling drink to beat the summer in India. Basically, it is lassi blended with mango and hence called as mango lassi.  Lassi is a form of drink made primarily from dahi and sugar.  There are a plethora of varieties to it but in the summer season when Alphonso mangoes […]

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Make Authentic Chole Masala For Your Loving Family..

Introduction Chole Masala is a flavourful, delicious sabzi that is cooked in onion-tomato gravy. It can be served with puri, chapati, paratha, bhature, plain rice, jeera rice. Yes, I know it’s a great companion. 😊Chole is also known as chana aka chickpeas is soaked in water overnight and then cooked in gravy with several spices added […]

Curries, Sabji

How To Make Best Pumpkin Sabzi

Introduction Pumpkin sabzi is a quick and simple recipe that is prepared with very fewer ingredients and without onion, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger. Isn’t it awesome?This recipe is one that can be cooked quickly for lunch and dinner. In addition, a good choice for lunch boxes.  Although some go for simple pumpkin sabzi or pumpkin […]

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Cheese Corn Balls

Introduction Cheese corn balls are the delicious super starters. With a crunchy outside and soft inside, this corn cheese balls recipe is truly yummy and mouth-watering. It just melts down in the mouth and is loved by all, old and young.  It is a great option for evening snacks or tea time snack. Also, a superb alternative […]

moong dal dosa is ready to be served

Moong Dal Dosa

Moong dal, as we all know is packed with proteins and dietary fibers. This combination makes moong dal a very healthy option. Also, this mixture helps in weight loss. So this is a highly recommended pulses.  Moong dal dosa calories: One moong dal dosa provides approximately 130 calories. This  can be a good food to […]

potato sandwich is ready
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How To Make Yummy Potato Sandwich

Introduction Potato sandwich, also known as aloo sandwich, is an easy and mouth-watering dish. Kids love this sandwich. It can be served with tomato sauce or green chutney. The essential ingredients in potato sandwich recipes are potatoes and bread. Potato is a root vegetable and staple food in many households. Most importantly, it is an […]