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Bhindi Fry
Curries, Sabji

Bhindi Fry

Introduction Bhindi fry is a dry sabji that is delicious and healthy made with bhindi (a.k.a Okra), spices, veggies, and roasted peanut powder. It goes very well with chapati or phulka. Bhindi is an Indian name(Hindi name) for Ladies finger aka Okra. There are plethora of recipes of Bhindi like bhindi masala, bhindi fry, kurkuri […]

coriander peanut chutney
Chutney, Snacks

Coriander Peanut Chutney

Introduction Coriander peanut chutney is widely used in all parts of India. Let it be dosa, idli, appe or sandwiches, this chutney is served with all of them. It is also called cilantro peanut chutney. Coriander (aka Cilantro) is a herb that is generally used to flavor and garnish the dishes, especially Indian dishes. Chutney […]

Indian Street Food, Snacks

Authentic Vada Pav

Introduction Vada Pav is one of the tremendously famous street food in India, especially in Maharashtra. You will find vada pav stalls at every corner of the street, at food lanes, outside companies, I.T industries, railway stations, bus stops. It is enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. Be it a student, a software engineer, […]

sabudana khichadi

Sabudana Khichadi

Introduction Sabudana khichadi is a very well known dish in India. Sabudana khichadi has earned a reputation as a staple food for fasting/upvas.  This recipe is super easy and primarily includes of sabudana, peanut powder, and potatoes.  You can have sabudana khichadi as breakfast or even as an evening snack. On festive occasions, we eat sabudana […]