Lasooni Palak

Lasooni Palak


Lasooni Palak is scrumptious and healthy Indian curry. Its a garlic flavored spinach recipe! It goes well with roti and rice.

Lasooni Palak

The recipe is simple and straight forward and do not call for any fancy ingredients.

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In India, spinach is called as Palak and lasoon means garlic. Hence the name Lasooni Palak. 🙂

Palak is loved by all in my family. So I always try to make different dishes using palak like Palak Paneer, Dal Palak, Palak paratha, Lasooni Palak and so on. You will always find spinach in my refrigerator.  Here, you will get a packet of spinach leaves directly and hence it becomes hassle-free. So I have to just pick up the leaves, wash it and use it.

Reason to love this recipe


2.Full of iron and fiber

3.Great tiffin box recipe

4.Simple and easy to make

How is lasooni palak made?

First you need to make the curry and then prepare a tempering of garlic which is poured on the curry.

This garlic flavored tempering uplifts the taste of the curry and the curry tastes extremely delicious.


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Overall Time: 30 minutes


For Making Curry

-3 tbsp of Oil

-1 tbsp of Cumin Seeds

-1 medium-sized Onion, chopped

-2 Green Chilies

-1 tbsp of Turmeric powder

-1.5 tbsp Red Chilly Powder

-2 tbsp of Coriander Powder

-5 cups of spinach/palak

-250 ml of water

-2 tbsp of Besan(gram flour)

-Salt as per taste

For tempering

-3 tbsp of oil

-2 Dry red chilies

-2 tsp of cumin seeds

-6 garlic, peeled and grated

For Making Curry

1. Wash the spinach leaves thoroughly.

Lasooni Palak - Wash Palak

2. Place it for boiling ( 2-5 minutes)

Lasooni Palak - Boil Palak

3. Take water in a bowl and add ice-cubes. Drain the palak and add in ice-cold water.

lasooni Palak - Palak in Ice cold water

4. Add oil to the heated pan.

Lasooni palak - Heat oil

5.Add cumin seeds.

Lasooni Palak - Heat oil and add cumin seeds

6.Add onion and green chilies to the pan. Meanwhile, drain the palak from the ice-cold water. Take 1/4 the of the boiled palak and roughly chop it. Grate the rest of palak using a blender.

Lasooni Palak - Add onion and green chilies

7.Once the onion becomes translucent, 1 tsp of add turmeric powder, 2 tsp of red chilly powder, 2 tsp of cumin powder.

Lasooni Palak - Add spices

8.Now add this roughly chopped palak to the pan. Mix everything well.

Lasooni Palak - Add roughly chopped palak

9. Add grated palak to the pan.

Lasooni Palak - Add grated palak

10.Add around 250 ml of water to the pan. Then add 2 tbsp of besan (gram flour) to the pan. Add salt as per taste. Mix everything well again. Cover the curry with a lid an let it cook for 10 minutes.

Lasooni Palak - Add water and Besan

Now the curry is ready. So now let’s make tempering for the curry.

Lasooni Palak - Curry is ready

For tempering

1.Add 3 tbsp of oil to heated pan. Add 2tbsp of cumin seeds.

Lasooni Palak - Add cumin seeds

2.Once the cumin seeds splutter, add 2 dry red chilies and grated garlic.

Lasooni Palak - Add garlic and dry red chilies

As it starts turning light brown, turn off the gas and pour this tempering on the curry.

Your Lasooni palak is ready to be served now. Serve it with Naan, roti or rice.

Lasooni Palak is ready


1.Do not burn the onions while making the curry.

2. You can add besan along with the onion instead of adding it later in the curry.

3.You can increase the spiciness of curry as per your spice levels.

4.Making the tempering and pouring on the curry is the most crucial part of this recipe. So do not miss the tempering.

5.Make sure you wash the palak thoroughly under running water.

Health Benefits

1.Helps in digestion

Spinach is high in insoluble fibers that benefits the digestion.

2.Reduces blood sugar

Spinach is very high in potassium which is suggested to people suffering from high blood sugar.



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