Homemade chocolate

Homemade Chocolate

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Having chocolate is a total bliss!! Now who doesn’t like chocolate? Its such a thing that is enjoyed by everyone. Also, a mandatory one when you gift someone. Isn’t it?

Chocolates enhance moods. Also, relieves stress.

Homemade chocolate

As far as I remember, in India, Dairy Milk and Kitkat were highly famous and were also loved by everyone.

In my school days, when friends used to do betting on some stupid stuff, the loser was supposed to buy a chocolate to the winner. Isn’t it funny? I cannot stop smiling while I remember this!

Coming back, its a dessert enjoyed by all then why not try it at home?

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What ingredients are required for making homemade chocolate?

Just 3. Yes, you heard it right. They are

  • Butter
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Granulated Sugar

Why to go for homemade chocolate?

Homemade chocolate are best as you can avoid unwanted additives which are present in ready-made chocolates.

How long can you store the chocolates?

You can store it for almost 1 week in refrigerator. Make sure you store them in air-tight container.


You can add vanilla extract to the mixture if you wish.

Also, grated almonds can be added to the mixture if you like.


Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Refrigeration Time: 2 hours

Overall Time: 2 hours 15 minutes


-6 tbsp of butter

-3 tbsp of cocoa powder

-7 tbsp of granulated sugar

Step 1: Keep an utensil on a gas filled with water. On top of this utensil, place another utensil in which the chocolate mixture will be prepared. Water from the first utensil should not be touching the second utensil which is placed on top of first. This is called double boiler. Make a double boiler ready. Let the water boil for around 5 minutes. Once its hot, start making chocolate mixture.

Step 2: Once its hot enough, add butter to it. Let it melt.

Add butter to make homemade chocalate

Step 3: Add cocoa powder and mix it well.

Add cocoa powder

Step 4: Add granulated sugar and mix it well. Keep on mixing it till it becomes a smooth liquid.

If you feel the mixture is dry, then add a little butter again to the mixture.

Add sugar

Step 5:Once you see a smooth liquid ready then switch off the flame. Start pouring this liquid into a silicon chocolate molds. Refrigerate it for 2 hours.

Pour mixture in molds

Step 6: After refrigeration, take the mold out of refrigerator and start taking chocolates off the molds.

After refrigeration

Your homemade chocolates are ready.

Homemade chocalate are ready


1. Use more sugar than cocoa powder. If less sugar is used then your chocolates will taste bitter.

2. Using of grated almonds will enhance the taste of chocolate.

3.You can sieve the cocoa powder and granulated sugar for better results.

Do give it a try and let me know how it tasted.

Do  share the recipe if you like it.


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