watermelon popsicle ready

Watermelon Popsicles

Introduction Watermelon popsicles are fresh, bright and healthy frozen treat which are low in calories. Its best one to beat the hot day in summer season. Watermelons are juicy, fresh and are naturally sweet. We do not need an expert to tell us that watermelon are the best thing for summer. Some more recipes for […]

Homemade chocolate
Dessert, Sweet

Homemade Chocolate

Introduction Having chocolate is a total bliss!! Now who doesn’t like chocolate? Its such a thing that is enjoyed by everyone. Also, a mandatory one when you gift someone. Isn’t it? Chocolates enhance moods. Also, relieves stress. As far as I remember, in India, Dairy Milk and Kitkat were highly famous and were also loved […]

Shahi tukda
Dessert, Sweet

Shahi Tukda

Introduction Shahi Tukda is a delicious classic royal dessert that is made with bread, ghee, milk, sugar and some dry fruits. Its very rich and festive. This is a Hyderabadi delight made during Ramadan, Eid, Diwali. Believe me, its a treat to your taste buds. 🙂 What is Shahi Tukda? Shahi means “Royal” and tukda […]

gajar halwa
Dessert, Sweet

Gajar Halwa

Introduction Gajar halwa is a bright, orange color carrot pudding made with carrots, milk, ghee/clarified butter, sugar and nuts. A delectable dessert!! It has a rich,creamy texture and is extremely healthy. Gajar halwa requires very basic ingredients that are available at home anytime. No fancy ingredients required. It has various names  like carrot pudding, carrot […]