Sabudana Vada
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Sabudana Vada

Introduction Sabudana Vada is a spicy vada that is served with yogurt or cucumber yogurt salad. These sabudana vadas taste delicious and are mouth-watering. This is best recipe during fasting. Apart from fasting, these vadas can be made during breakfast, lunch, brunch. How to make Sabudana Vada? These involves four sections 1.Soaking of Sabudana To […]

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Kurkure Recipe

Introduction Kurkure is a snack which is very addictive as they satisfy the taste bud with its delicious unique taste.  It is insanely famous in India. Though each and every person enjoys it irrespective of age, its extremely loved by kids. This kurkure recipe is easy to make and is very healthy. When the clock […]