Boondi Raita is ready

Boondi Raita


Boondi Raita is a side dish – served in Indian thali, with curry and chapati and spicy rice dishes. Its made with yogurt and boondi along with some spices.

Boondi Raita

Boondi is a small round shaped balls made with besan (gram flour) and then deep fried. You may use homemade boondi or you can directly purchase it from market. It is easily available in any Indian store. I have used the one brought from market.

I usually make this boondi along with biryani, pulao or roti-sabzi.

Raita is made to tone down the heat from spicy foods like biryani or curries. Since yogurt is cooling, it balances the heat from spicy foods.

There are plethora of raita variants – Mint Raita, Cucumber raita, green chilli raita and so on. I will share recipes of them shortly.

Yogurt is very good source of probiotic and proteins. It helps to digest the food. So do not stop yourself from adding it to your lunch and dinner.


Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time:N/A

Overall Time: 5 minutes

Serving: 2 bowl

-3 tbsp of yogurt

-4 tbsp of boondi

-1/2 cup of lukewarm water

-1/4 tbsp of red chilly powder

-1/4 tbsp of black pepper powder

-1/4 tbsp of chat masala

-1/2 tbsp of salt or as per taste

-1/4 tbsp of sugar

-1/4 cup of water

Step 1: Place yogurt in a bowl.

Place yogurt in bowl

Step 2: Add red chilly powder, black pepper powder, chat masala, salt and sugar. Mix everything well.

Add spices salt and sugar

Step 3:Add 1/4 cup of water to it and mix well.

Add water to bowl

Step 4: Place boondi in lukewarm water for a minute so that the oily smelly goes off.

Soak boondi in lukewarm water

Step 5: Transfer boondi to the bowl of yogurt and mix everything well.

Transfer boondi to yogurt

Your boondi raita is ready to be served.

Boondi Raita is ready


1.You can even add roasted cumin powder to the yogurt.

2.You can use chopped coriander to garnish the raita.

Health Benefits

1.High in protein

Yogurt is very high in protein and therefore helps in weight control.

2.A probiotic

Yogurt has probiotics that boost digestive health. Hence, reduces bloating, constipation.

Give it a shot and let me know how it tasted.

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