Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos

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Apple Nachos is a yummy and delicious snack which is gluten free, 5 minute dessert!

Apple Nachos

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Actually it is not exactly as nachos as I do not melt everything in microwave. Instead of saying “Apple with different toppings” it is easier to go with “Apple Nachos”.

All you need is apple, peanut butter, nutella, chocolate chips or dry grated coconut. You can use any kind of apple with any amount of toppings.

These nachos are loved by kids. I make these apple nachos as an evening snack when my kid has done with her zoom classes.


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: N/A

Overall Time: 10 minutes


-2 Apples

-2 tbsp of peanut butter

-2 tbsp of nutella

-2 tbsp of dry grated coconut

-2 tbsp of Dry raisins

1. Wash the apples thoroughly.

Apple nachos - Wash apple thoroughly

2. Cut into half.

Apple Nachos - Cut apple half

3. Discard the seeds. Again cut into half.

Apple Nachos - Discard seeds and cut half again

4. Start making thin slices of apples now.

Once done, keep it in a bowl and add little bit of lemon juice to avoid browning of apples. But this step is optional.

Apple nachos - Place sliced apples in bowl and add lemon juice

5. Now arrange the apples in the plate.

Apple Nachos - Arrange Apples in Plate

6. Take peanut butter in a bowl and microwave it for 30 to 50 seconds to make it warm and a bit like a liquid.

7. Also take nutella in a bowl and microwave it again for a minute to make it warm.

8. Start spreading the peanut butter over apples arranged on plate.

Apple Nachos - Spread peanut butter

9. After peanut butter, start spreading nutella over the apples.

Apple Nachos - Spread Nutella

10. Spread some dry raisins.

Apple nachos - Add raisins to the nachos

11. Garnish it with dry grated coconut or chocolate chips. Its ready to be served.

Apple nachos is Ready


1.You can add toppings of your choice like chocolate chips, white chocolate, warm caramel, crushed health bars.

2.You can vary the amount of peanut butter and nutella as per your choice.

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