Welcome to my food blogging website made with love to include vast variety of classic Indian Veg recipes and a combination of International recipes.

About me

I am Mukta Joshi , the cook and photographer for this website. I hail from India currently reside in Texas,USA with my daughter and husband.

I have been in software industry for about 8 years and worked as a Software Engineer in MNCs namely Cognizant,IBM and CapeGemini.

I hail from a traditional Indian family where I learnt cooking as I grew up. My mother , who is a homemaker have made me develop keen interest in cooking by experimenting and trying out different cuisines. From last 2 decades, my mother has primarily followed traditional Indian cooking.

About Mukta’s Kitchen

Mukta’s kitchen blog is my favorite place to be on a stressful day also otherwise! I am in love with cooking from a long time and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience till date.

Although being a Software Engineer and staying busy for weekdays I used to sneak to kitchen on weekends to cook and embrace what I loved doing. Everyone in the house used to enjoy the meals which was followed by lot of appreciation. I started maintaining detailed notes about the recipes I cook-the pitfalls and must haves!

Soon after marriage I moved to USA where I got a chance to start my very own blog to share with my viewers unique and fulfilling recipes. And I launched Mukta’s Kitchen!

On my food blog you’ll find tasty but healthy recipes which follow Indian philosophies and practices for cooking which can be easily incorporated in your kitchen.

The recipes are designed to enable you to achieve sustainability in your food and nutritional patterns through balanced use of ingredients without compromising on the taste or fulfillment of the meal.

You can follow my blog for yummy recipes which will interest you to adapt healthy Indian practices to enjoy bursts and combinations of tastes.

Keeping In Touch

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please write to me at admin@muktaskitchen.com
I would reply to you at the earliest!