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Sabudana Vada are ready
Appetizer, Breakfast

Sabudana Vada

Introduction Sabudana Vada is a spicy vada that is served with yogurt or cucumber yogurt salad. These sabudana vadas taste delicious and are mouth-watering. This is best recipe during fasting. Apart from fasting, these vadas can be made during breakfast, lunch, brunch. My kid love sabudana and so I often make sabudana vadas and Sabudana […]

watermelon popsicle ready

Watermelon Popsicles

Introduction Watermelon popsicles are fresh, bright and healthy frozen treat which are low in calories. Its best one to beat the hot day in summer season. Watermelons are juicy, fresh and are naturally sweet. We do not need an expert to tell us that watermelon are the best thing for summer. Some more recipes for […]

Murmura Chivda

Murmura Chivda

Introduction Murmura chivda is a light, healthy and crunchy chivda which is extremely simple to make. Enjoy with a cup of tea. Its a best mid-meal and also has long shelf life when stored properly. Some more recipes of snacks or mid-meals you  may like- Biscuit Canapes, Roasted Makhana, Roasted Poha Chivda and Corn Chaat. […]

Egg Curry
Curries, Sabji

Egg Curry

Introduction Egg Curry is a delicious, flavorful curry made with eggs, spices with tomato-onion gravy. A perfect dish for a busy weekday lunch or dinner. Egg Curry can be served with plain rice, roti, butter naan, phulka or plain paratha. Its also called as “Anda Curry” in India. Anda = Eggs and hence the name. […]

semiya upma is ready to serve

Semiya Upma

Introduction Semiya upma is a variation to traditional upma which is made with semiya. It makes a great breakfast and kids love it as it looks similar to Noodles/Maggi. Some more breakfast or mid-meal options – Poha, Moong Dal Dosa, Aloo Cheela, Sabudana Khichadi. This upma can be made in minutes and is a straight […]

Masala Chaas

Masala Chaas

Introduction Masala Chaas is a cooling drink that can be made in a minute. Its a best summer drink which is very refreshing. Its made with yogurt, water and some basic spices! It is also called as “Buttermilk”. Although its a best summer drink, it can be enjoyed daily. It helps in digestion, calms stomach […]

Homemade chocolate
Dessert, Sweet

Homemade Chocolate

Introduction Having chocolate is a total bliss!! Now who doesn’t like chocolate? Its such a thing that is enjoyed by everyone. Also, a mandatory one when you gift someone. Isn’t it? Chocolates enhance moods. Also, relieves stress. As far as I remember, in India, Dairy Milk and Kitkat were highly famous and were also loved […]

Appetizer, Snacks

Kurkure Recipe

Introduction Kurkure is a snack which is very addictive as they satisfy the taste bud with its delicious unique taste.  It is insanely famous in India. Though each and every person enjoys it irrespective of age, its extremely loved by kids. This kurkure recipe is easy to make and is very healthy. When the clock […]

Roasted Makhana

Roasted Makhana

Introduction Roasted Makhana is an instant snack that is simple and healthy. Its like popcorn – loaded with proteins, calcium and thiamine. Usually, we experience hunger pangs between two main meals and its exactly when roasted makhana comes into picture as a mid-meal. It hardly takes 10 to 12 minutes to make it. Yes, it […]

Blueberry cookies

Blueberry Cookies

Introduction Loaded with blueberries, these blueberry cookies are delicious, soft inside and crunchy outside. A perfect tea-time snack or mid-meal! Make these egg-less cookies at home from scratch as a treat for your family. It can be enjoyed more if you eat immediately after baking. There are plethora of cookies that can be made like […]